Resources for Writers

Need some help getting the words on the page?  Need a little support?  Or just want to make a few bucks? 

Check these out:

The Elements of Style
The only writing reference book I use - short, concise, on point.

Writer's Digest
If you don't subscribe to the magazine, the site is filled with lots of useful writing resources.

Writer's Weekly Markets
Looking for places to sell your work? This is a great resource.

Community for writing moms. Supportive, informative, and filled with useful information.

Publishers Weekly
See what's selling, who's buying, and the bestsellers across different niches.

Looking to convert your creativity to a freelance career? Read and learn.

Funky collaborative fiction site.

Demand Studios
Earn a bit of money writing content; it won't make you rich and the writing is geared toward information-seekers, but they do pay on time, twice weekly.