Writer-Mommy is about writing. It's about mommying.

It's about me, a modern at-home mom who still pursues her life's first passion, writing.

Here at Writer-Mommy, you'll find stories taken from my life at home raising three four children, wrangling two just one two (once again) crazed dogs, and finding time to write something, anything, each and every day.

You'll also find book reviews, thoughts on writing and publishing, random YouTube videos or memes that make me laugh or touch my heart, and links to all sorts of great work being done by my fellow bloggers.

And when I find something that helps me as either a writer, a mommy, or both, I share it here with the hopes that it might be useful to you, too.

This blog was originally launched on WP.com in October of 2007; it has moved twice since then and is now hosted at Blogger.

Who is the mom behind Writer-Mommy?

I'm Marianne, mom to four crazy kiddos ranging in ages from almost 13 years old all the way down to 15 months old. Collectively, I used to refer to them as The Royal Monkeys.  That was when I first started blogging and the older three were six, four, and almost two.

I've been a writer since I discovered an old Underwood Typewriter in our basement at the tender age of five. Writing has defined me and saved me many times over in my life.

I followed my heart in college, both literally by marrying my dear Knute just two weeks after graduation, and in my studies. I hold a BA in English from the University of Maryland, where I was also honored with membership in Phi Beta Kappa for academic excellence.  Yup, my inner nerd was thrilled.

I've picked up various freelance gigs for writing, blogging, and social media during my years at home with the older kiddos and I even made a brief foray back into the working world in 2012, working part time at a local nonprofit in my hometown.  I loved the job and would have been happy to stay longer, but cute little kiddo #4 joined the Thomas party in March of 2013 and I happily found myself trading in a job in the world for the sweet joy of a new baby once again.

During a good chunk of 2012-2014, this blog was updated sporadically, if at all; managing a part time job, a home, two dogs, and three school-aged kids while pregnant was challenging, time consuming, and just plain exhausting. Blogging was the last thing on my mind in 2012 and 2013 while I was a working mom; that experience gave me an even deeper appreciation for moms who hold down paying jobs while still working hard in their home lives to earn the Mom of the Year award from their kiddos.

As for the rest of 2013 and into 2014, after the arrival of the our youngest, I found myself simply enjoying her babyhood and savoring all the milestones and moments.  Now the cute new baby is a daring, but outrageously adorable, toddler, and with her emerging independence and my trusty built-in helpers (older siblings are the awesome!), I found myself with time to think clearly for the first time in over a year (sleeping through the night is also the awesome!).  Writing again was bound to follow.

For the time being, I am dusting off the keyboard and blogging once again with hopes and plans to attack fiction writing again as time and life permits.  I still dream of finishing just one novel - and I'm sure that one day, I will.  I've always been a writer and always will be - but these kiddos of mine?  They won't be underfoot forever so I am enjoying these mommy years while they last.

If you're new to this blog and not sure where to start, you can see this list of my favorite posts.  For a little history on how this blog began, you can read my Intro post.

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Thank you for taking time from your busy day to check out Writer-Mommy.

And, for those of you to whom a picture is worth a thousand words:

WM, as drawn by Princess Pinky.

WM, when I have time for the little details.

WM, in my day-to-day life where I fight germs, pouty faces, and the bed-encroaching, food-stealing tactics of the Insane Canine Posse.

And a more recent headshot....