A Quick Hello and Links to My Latest Endeavors in Social Media

C'mon - that  waving chicken is pretty funny! 
Hello lovely readers; thanks for checking in here every once in a while.  I miss you!

I have been busy with the tasks of real life as a mom: chasing a toddler, driving the older kids everywhere, and occasionally enjoying a glass of wine with my husband when the weekend hits.  

I've also been enjoying the mental space that comes with letting a blog go idle and unplugging from the umpteenmillion social media channels available in 2015.

I've got a new blog specifically geared toward writing for e-publishing on Kindle and other e-readers where I'll be updating weekly.  You can follow me there.

This blog isn't going anywhere and I will likely circle back here every once in a while (no promises about when or how frequently)  to gripe about the balancing act that is modern motherhood and bemoan how quickly my kiddos are growing up (my oldest is a teenager now!).

And I also want to point you to a podcast that I have been producing since November 2013, Old Mom New Mom.  You can follow that first link to iTunes or you can visit our website and listen from your computer.

I say "our" because I co-host the show with my dear friend, Angie (not a blogger or I'd link her for you; she should blog - she's a brilliant speech pathologist by trade), who, like me, found herself with three school aged children and a new baby in 2013.  We have a blast podcasting together with the little girls underfoot; it's always an interesting and lively hour.  Our tagline is, "We're just two Catholic moms talking about our crazy lives," and that's a pretty good description of both our topics and our point of view.

I hope all of you dear readers are hale and hearty and continuing to trek through the wilds of social media, exploring and discovering all the good that the digital continent offers.

Photo credit: vectorolie @ Free Digital Photos