7QTs: Memorable Moments Weekly Roundup (MM #4)

1.  I am working on updating behind the scenes on this blog since it has been so long since I wrote my About page, etc.  One thing I'm noticing - besides my stellar lack of consistency in blogging - is how my writing style has evolved over the years.

I can see how, in my early posts, I stumbled around, not sure about how to do this "blogging" thing without oversharing.  I can also see how my writing vastly improves when I'm discussing a topic other than my own life, like when I review a book or when I share a "How To" type of post.

I don't know that I'll ever be able to blog about my life without some hesitancy in my writing but as I go forward with this blog, my focus is on leaving a legacy in words for my kiddos more than anything else.  They  - or their future, more adult selves, really - are my target audience.

2.  The second week of summer break is coming to a close; it's hard to believe that June is flying by.  Earlier this week, I had the older kiddos write out a wish list of ten things they'd like to do this summer.  I thought this might be a good way to keep us from falling into the routine of summer laziness by giving us a visual reminder of fun ideas to do when we have a big chunk of time.

What I'm discovering, however, is how much I enjoy having the big chunks of time with nothing in particular to do.  I'm still very busy; dinner won't cook itself and laundry marches on with no regard to the calendar.  And there is the cute, but oh-so-busy toddler to chase around all day long.  We're still heading out to the pool most days and the library and the usual errands, too.  But I'm  moving at my own pace, not at the pace of the school day parameters with drop off, pick up, homework, and events.

I have a hunch that very few of the items on our big wish list will actually get crossed off before this summer comes to a close.

3.  The girls made cookies together this week and I snapped a quick photo; adorable!

4.  Every time I consider deleting my Facebook account, I hesitate and decide to simply leave it there for when I need it.  I use Facebook as a sort of water cooler; when I hear in real life a snippet of news from a mutual friend - say a new baby arrives or someone is facing an illness or some such situation - I like to check Facebook to see if there is any news and to simply offer my prayers or support.

But that is about the extent to which I use Facebook now.  When I initially joined a few years back, I did check and post more frequently but I have to be frank and admit that I really don't care too much for Facebook as a social media channel for several reasons, mostly of the time-sucker, drama variety.

Anyone out there in the same boat - keeping a FB account active only so you can stay in the loop when need be?

5.  I've been experimenting with eating a lower carb diet the past few weeks and it's been interesting to observe how much better my energy levels are overall.  I haven't gone completely paleo because hey, this mom loves her 70% cocoa dark chocolate and the occasional handful of corn chips loaded with guacamole.

Low carb eating isn't that much of a stretch for me since I give up all sugar and sweets every Lent.  But during Lent, I find myself craving bread something fierce so I have always had a hunch that my body is hooked on quickly metabolized carbs for energy.

I'm sure I could write a longer post on this in the future and may do just that.  In the meantime, if you're interested in reading a very scientific but very accessible book on the subject, get a copy of Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes.  He lays it out in a very straightforward manner.

6.  This post about how babies or little ones help older children learn empathy by Simcha Fisher at NCRegister confirmed something I've seen in my own home and in my own kiddos school.  Definitely an excellent read.

7.  Last, a question for all of you bloggers reading this (and if you've made it this far, thanks for reading).  How much time do you spend blogging on average in a week?  I am determined to be more consistent with blogging at here in the future but I want to be as efficient as possible.  Any tips, tricks, or tools you would suggest to help maximize effort in a minimum of time?

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to head over to Team Whitaker (hosting 7QTs this week as a favor to Jen at Conversion Diary) and hop through the links.