7QTs: Baby Buddies, LEGO Movie Awesomeness, Big Brothers, and Homemade Peanut Butter Ice Cream!

1. LoLo...NO.  One of Bethy's very best friends happens to be another little baby who is just six months younger than her (and also happens to be the youngest child of Bethy's godmother, our dear friend as well).  Bethy can't say pronounce her name yet so she calls her the closest thing she can - LoLo.

Because her godmother and I run in very similar circles, she happens to see LoLo a lot - often every day or every other day, especially during the school year and at Mass.

This past weekend, we took advantage of Saturday vigil Mass instead of getting up on Sunday morning.  For almost the entire Mass, Bethy looked around - in the pews in front of us and behind us and across the aisle - and asked, "LoLo?" then, in the next breath, answered her own question, "No."

What made this so funny was the great hope with which she asked the question at the beginning of Mass compared to the sighing disappointment in her voice by the end of Mass.

Thankfully, she was whispertalking, not hollering, making this a cute and noteworthy story instead a mortifying tale of Toddler Interrupts Mass Again and Again Screaming for her BFF.

2.  It's been so interesting and touching to see how quickly the early friendships have developed between Bethy and LoLo and another friend's daughter who is just about six months older than Bethy.  From the time the girls - first the older girl, then Bethy, now LoLo - were about six or seven months old, they all reacted with such joy to see the other babies.

All of these little girls have three older siblings, so were all very used to having big kids around loving on them from day one.  What's interesting is how quickly they each have gone from simply receiving the attention and love of others to showing affection and love for babies just a bit younger than them.  I think it's a wonderful example of how we are all made by God who is Love to go out into the world and share love.

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3.  The Lego Movie came out on DVD last week; our copy has been played on almost a continuous loop since it arrived from Target.com.  When it was out in the theaters, Knute took the older kids to see it and they all came home raving about how it was the.best.movie.ever.

I finally had the chance to sit down and watch it with the kids and Knute and I have to admit, I was blown away.  I expected a funny movie.  I expected a movie with witty banter and cameo moments by actors.  This movie, however, just went above and beyond my expectations.  No spoilers here; just go buy a copy already and watch it.  This one is an instant classic and our grandkids will be watching it one day much in the same way our kids watch the Star Wars movies.

4.  Watching our youngest son, #3 in the lineup, have the chance to be a big brother has been one of the sweetest blessings brought about by Bethy's arrival last year.  He adores playing with her, making her laugh, and just generally being goofy to get a smile out of her.  She, in turn, talks about him nonstop and lights up whenever she sees him walk into the room.

Watching the child who was for a long time the baby of the family embrace his big brother role with such gusto has been such fun.

5.  Our basement is unfinished and it may just stay that way forever.  For a long time, Knute and I discussed finishing the basement into a big family room but financial realities kept us from taking any action.  The basement has evolved from a toddler/preschooler toy trap into a fairly well organized hangout and creative zone for the older kids.  All of the Legos (and there are THOUSANDS) are down there in one corner for the boys with a couple of repurposed low tables; my daughter has commandeered another corner for her creative endeavors which include bingo bears and rolls of duck tape.

This summer, the three older kids have spent many hours down in the basement working on their creative passions, both individually and together.  I went down to grab some milk from the extra refrigerator and realized that they all need that kind of space - a place they can create, have work in process, and not worry about having to pick up every little choking hazard.

I think we all need that kind of creative, messy, work zone - which goes hand in hand with one of the themes from #3 above!

6.  I shop almost entirely at Aldi for our groceries (high quality, low prices, WIN!) and recently purchased an ice cream maker there for just $15.  We have used it several times already; last night, I made this delicious peanut butter ice cream recipe found at The Brown Eyed Baker.

I would post a picture, but it was gone almost as soon as it was finished churning.  Very yum!

7.  Bethy is 15 months today - oh how time flies!

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