Test || Lent 2014, Day 3 #CSLentIPJ


While hopping around the internet yesterday, I came across this quote:

"Without work, there is no rest; without struggle, no victory." - by a Saint whose name escapes both me and Google right now

Life is full of tests, and yet we fear them and worry over them.  From tests in school and evaluations at work to the tests that come our way out of seemingly nowhere - an illness, loss of a job, a failed relationship.  Being tested by life is simply part of life.

I've been tested more times than I can count and as hard as those times have been, they have only served to strengthen me in some way - sometimes in body, but mostly in spirit - making those testing, dark valley times of my life a good thing in the end.  But still I often find myself standing on the top of the mountain in good times, not always able to enjoy the view, but instead worried about the next valley, the next test.

Maybe sometimes the truest test in life is to simply be in the moment, to let go of worry and simply enjoy the view.

Matthew 6:25-34

This post is inspired by Catholic Sistas Lent 2014 Instagram Photo Journal.