Purple || Lent 2014, Day 7 #CSLentIPJ


Purple is the color of both the Advent season and the Lenten season.  Both seasons are supposed to be penitential seasons, times of repenting and turning back to the Lord.

It is striking that during Advent, we wait for the birth into this world of our Savior. During Lent, we wait for the resurrection at Easter, and the promise of our own resurrection and rebirth from death into new life in Christ.

Purple is one of those colors that always looks better on others than on me.  As I write that line, I am convicted by the idea that oftentimes being sorrowful for wrongdoings and repentant also look better on others than on me.  It's a wonder that I can see past that plank in my own eye to nitpick the splinter in the eye of someone else.

This repentance gig is a tough one.  It is never easy to take stock of yourself and shine a light into all the dark corners of your soul.  Thank goodness for the sacrament of reconciliation and for God's mercy.

Luke 6:41-42

This post is inspired by Catholic Sistas Lent 2014 Instagram Photo Journal.