Eucharist || Lent 2014, Day 5 #CSLentIPJ



I have Ann Voskamp's blog and book to thank for my knowledge of the Greek word eukaristos which means grateful or thanksgiving.  I've read her blog on and off again for several years (and am in an "off again" period right now as I am with pretty much everything that has to do with blogging).  She's written extensively about the idea of living a eucharistic life, a life centered on gratitude, even on the hard days.

It's so easy to be grateful in the good times.  It's also so easy to be grateful after the hard times are over.

But to be actively seeking, offering, and living out gratitude during the hard times?

That one is a challenge, perhaps the challenge we face as Christians.  To look at our sufferings and our shortcomings and our failures and our pain and say, "Thank you, God," for the hard times and for the small moments of grace within the hard times.

This post is inspired by Catholic Sistas Lent 2014 Instagram Photo Journal.