Dust || Lent 2014, Day 1 #CSLentIPJ


No one likes to talk about death, myself included.  It's just too uncomfortable, too far off, and too much of a downer for most people. The problem with this, of course, is that very few people are prepared to face their own death when that day finally comes due.

The Catholic Church, in her wisdom, kicks off Lent with Ash Wednesday and literally slaps us upside the head (or gently crosses us on the forehead, depending on your parish) with a reminder that death waits for all of us  - that from ashes we have come and to ashes we will return.

The smudgy cross on my forehead today?  It's a reminder that I am a shiny speck of dust in the whirlwind of life, and that life is very, very short.

Lent reminds me to do my best to live a life with no regrets, a life that focuses on loving others, loving God, and loving God by loving others.

And it reminds me that love DOES.  Love is a verb, as cliched as that saying is.

Love gives.

Love sacrifices.

Love always seeks the best of and for the other.

And, in the end, love is what remains.

1 John 4:7-21

This post is inspired by Catholic Sistas Lent 2014 Instagram Photo Journal.