7 Quick Takes: 7 Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

Hey, whaddaya know!  I have a blog!

1. Shoveling Snow

Since the Tooth Fairy never seems to make it to my house in a timely fashion, the Snow Fairy decided to step up her game and drop by every other day or so.  You know you're done with winter when (while shoveling snow in single digit temperatures for the umpteenth time) you seriously consider asking the hubs to pick up a few extra SnoBoss Shovels for the kids as a Mother's Day gift this year.

2. Sending Out New Year's Cards

Yeah, so December?  Pretty much kicked my tail to the curb.  While once upon a time, I may have risen to the challenge to squeeze in just *one* more thing for my tired self to do in December by adding hand addressed Christmas cards with personal notes to my to do list, this year, I surrendered early and sent New Year's cards in the beginning of January instead.  Much easier, much saner, and hopefully, much appreciated by those that received them.

And yes, that is a falcon on Knute's arm; I had to choose between that one and the picture of him on a camel. The bird of prey picture just had better lighting.  

Also - dear children of mine, for the record?  I find it utterly maddening that I have dozens upon dozens of pictures of you four together and 99.9% of them feature one or more of you photobombing in some goofy fashion.  

3.  Making Three Birthday Cakes

Three cakes all for one kid - I keep asking myself how I get suckered into these things.  My younger son's birthday was yesterday, so I made 28 cupcakes (which in my book counts as a cake, especially when you add in the time and labor to frost all those tiny cakes) for his class, the above ice cream cake for his birthday last night with us, and I will be attempting to make him a Minecraft cake tonight for our bigger family get together tomorrow.  

I'm hoping his Minecraft cake looks like this; I am mentally preparing myself for the tragic reality that it will likely look like I allowed the baby to do the assembling and decorating.

Oh, and that ice cream cake above? Despite the horrible penmanship with Hershey's Syrup ink, it was delish and incredibly easy to assemble.  You can check out the recipe right here.

And yes, my freezer shelves are indeed that sticky.  Leaving it unedited for all you moms out there because sticky and real is how we roll at Casa Thomas.

4. Podcasting

A friend of mine and I started podcasting!  Yup, because I needed one more thing to do, right?  Seriously, it has been a blast.  I love the challenge that comes with learning how to do something new and techgeeky.  

I'm sure I'll write more about the podcast in another post here in the future; for now, you can check out our site here and/or listen on iTunes here.

5.  Basketball X 3

I was going to come up with a clever word problem to illuminate just how crazy life is when three kids are playing basketball in three different leagues with game locations that spread from Dayton down through Cincinnati but my brain is just not clever enough right now to put into words the amount of hectic basketball season is for our family.  Oh, and Knute head coaches one team and asst. coaches another team making it extra busy.  I love watching the kids play, despite all the crazy, but it is definitely a tiring season for all of us.

6.  Eucharistic Adoration

Our parish started a chain of 24/7 Eucharistic Adoration and I have been participating on Friday nights for my hour.  It has been a huge blessing and I look forward to that hour each week.  If you have the chance to commit to an Adoration Hour, I highly recommend it!

7. Hanging with This Cutie

I mean, can you blame me for abandoning this blog?  Look at that cutie!

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