7QTs || Memorable Moments Weekly Roundup (MM Edition #3)

Yes, it's Wednesday.  Yes, this link up is 7 Quick Takes from last Friday.  I know, I know.

Just trying to keep all the plates spinning here, peeps.

Without further ado...MMWR #3!

Sunday 9/8/13

We were privileged to be part of a huge potluck dinner at a friends home to celebrate the visit of Fr. Sean Davidson, a priest with Missionary of the Most Holy Eucharist, to our parish.  I wish I had a picture!   There were about twelve or thirteen families there with well over fifty kids.  When we made the call to dinner to gather the children, it was reminiscent of a the old clown car routine: from every doorway spilled a crowd of happy kids.

It was a much needed evening of community for me.  My dear friend who generously hosted shared some words before Fr. led us in saying grace that brought tears to my eyes.

After dinner, I had the opportunity to sit with part of the group and chat with Fr. Sean who is just one fantastic priest.  Listening to him describe his own conversion story was fascinating.  You can read about his missionary work here.

One of the best parts of that evening was just looking around at all the kids, from infant up to high schoolers, and seeing this amazing community of young people and knowing that my kids are a part of it.  Humbling, inspiring, and a moment of thanksgiving for this mom.

Monday 9/9/13

I found this when I was cleaning out backpacks:

I love that my kids can develop their faith life in their parish school and that my 2nd grader, who loves, loves, LOVES basketball, would want to share that with Jesus.  God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit - it's all about relationship, peeps.  Nothing like a little hooping to build a friendship.

Tuesday 9/10/13:

Tuesday Bible study for moms resumed again. We're starting this book on the Acts of the Apostles.  Our Bible Study group has grown to a pretty good size; I think we are at about 18 moms now.  When I started with this group back in 2010, we had just a handful.  I am so thankful for my friend Lynn who invited me to join this group three and half years ago.  It has been life changing to be part of this community of Catholic women.

Wednesday 9/11/13:

I find it so hard to believe it's been 12 years since 9/11.  Every moment of that day is ingrained in my memory and always will be.  I headed to school mass with the kids that morning and found myself choking up when we sang America the Beautiful.

Thursday 9/12/13:

So our latest member of the insane canine posse, Zane, recently demonstrated the depths of his love for us by jumping through a window screen in an attempt to come with us when we left on errands one afternoon this summer.  Since my "insane canine posse" budget doesn't really have the wiggle room to handle a dog who, due to his severe separation anxiety, might up the ante next time by deciding to chew through a wall to be with us, our new routine is to leave the dogs in the basement while we are gone.

The dogs like the basement well enough; it's cool and there's a couch for them to snore the hours away while we're gone plus there is always the chance that they might happen across abandoned snacks from the kids. But they do whine a bit as we leave, that pathetic Oh-when-will-you-be-back-master-I-MISS-YOU whine.

As we left for school one morning, the plaintive whines began at the basement door.  I, in my lets.get.going.NOW! mode replied to their complaints as I walked past the door in an offhand manner, muttering under my breath something about windows and walls and basements and dang it, just be grateful dogs!

My oldest son, who was right on my heels as we dashed out the door to school, said, "Well, maybe his heart just feels empty when we leave him, Mom."


Tender hearted son: 1 pt.  Mom: big fat 0!

Friday 9/13/13:

Knute and I have instituted a new family tradition for Friday nights - the Friday Night Fun Run.  We take the kids up to the Y and run two miles either on the Y Trail outside or on the tracks inside.  The kids grumble a bit, but it's good natured; all of them really push themselves to run harder or faster or further without taking a break.

We get Subway for dinner afterwards; these kids are thrilled to truck a couple of miles if it means footlongs and Doritos.

Saturday 9/14/14:

We had a wonderful last minute dinner with friends here after 5:30 Mass.  These friends are also the baby's godparents and are just days away from welcoming their fourth little one into the world.  It was nice to catch up a bit and just chat while our kids hung out and played.

I love this quote by C.S. Lewis on friendship:

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one."


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