7QTs || Memorable Moments Weekly Roundup (MM Edition #2)

Yet another week has flown by and I am wondering WHERE the time went.  Juggling big kids and a baby makes for a very busy me.

Without further ado, here's this week's Memorable Moments:

#1.  Sunday 9/1/13

Knute and I stayed up late watching more episodes of Lost via Netflix.  If you are not familiar with Lost (how could this be?), I highly recommend it.  Is there a lot of death and violence and R content? Yes.  But ultimately this show points to the necessity of letting go of this life to find God and never wavers in that truth.

What we've both realized as we've watched the series from Episode #1 (we are currently at about #72) is that during the 2007 season, we missed several key episodes.  Given that we moved in the beginning of 2007, I can see how this happened.  At any rate, it's been such fun watching Lost from the beginning again with the ability to see how the complex storyline was cohesive from the very start. Great writing!

#2. Monday 9/2/13

Our oldest received a phone for her 12th birthday (a very scaled down one with no access to the internet phone and no sending or receiving photos) so she could be in contact with us when the need arises and for babysitting and, most importantly (in her opinion) for texting her friends. 

After wondering briefly last week at how quiet her phone was (since I had assumed she would be a texting dervish once she had her contact list filled), we realized that her phone number was still linked to someone's Apple ID.  Even though the individual had changed her number and wasn't using an iPhone, Apple grabbed all texts originating from Apple products (iMessages) going to her old number (our daughter's new number) and forwarded them to her new number.

After a little brouhaha mixup whereupon our daughter thought I was ignoring her texts (since I was texting from my iPhone which has iMessaging enabled, she never received my replies), Knute spent an hour or so chatting with some great customer service folks at Apple who contacted the other individual and remedied the situation. 

The whole situation was a great opportunity to discuss with my daughter the pitfalls of technology and how easy it is for a small misunderstanding or mishap with texts or emails can quickly blow up into a big mess if you don't take the time to actually talk face-to-face with the person in question.  This is a great reminder for all of us. 

Tuesday 9/3/13

Our Catholic school is not required to use the new Common Core national educational standards but per our Archdiocese has adapted (read ADAPTED not ADOPTED, thank goodness) some of the elements including a Common Core math workbook for my 5th grade son that I simply do.not.like. 

Math is math is math - as I always tell my kiddos, math is THE universal language.  Numbers.don't. change.  I don't understand this need to continually try to change the way we teach math.  Actually, I have several ideas on why this happens, but that's a post for another day, one with links galore. 

Wednesday 9/4/13

Last year when I started working, I brainstormed with a dear friend about ways I could somehow still make it to our Tuesday Moms Bible Study.  It was not to be; I simply had to be at work for those two hours on Tuesdays.  So the two of us started another Moms Bible Study on Wednesday mornings (one of my days off during the week).

There are only a handful of us that meet on Wednesdays; the Tuesday group is well established and has grown to a good size.  But where two or three are gathered is all He needs to be there, too.  It was a great meeting: small, but mighty!

I also found this when I was cleaning out my van.  Love some random #StarWars #KidArt

Thursday 9/5/13

This was actually Wednesday, too, but hey, it's all good!

I attempted to coax the baby into eating pureed carrots:

After four spoonfuls, she put on her  #FAIL face.

Friday 9/6/13

A day of Too Many Things.  I had a doctors appointment for myself, had lunch with Knute, ran to Costco, did the usual to and fro from school, and then ran out to pick up Subway for dinner for the hungry crew. 

I have forgotten how hard it is to even add one extra thing with a baby in tow, much less multiple things.  A good reminder to be kind to myself when it comes to scheduling and errands.

Saturday 9/7/13

On our way into town, driving down Main Street, I snapped this shot of Claudine's (my van) odometer:

When the kids asked why this was such a big deal, Knute and I had to explain to them how the cars of yesteryear rarely lasted to the old 100K mark without rust, tied-on bumpers, or shot transmissions.

Here's to another 100K miles, Claudine!

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