Free Printable Planner Pages, or, The School Year Cometh!

The school year begins for my three older kiddos on next Thursday, August 22nd.

As usual, I am in full throttle back-to-school mode, trying my best to get the last few things they need like shoes (I always wait until the last minute because these kids of mine seem to grow half an inch overnight) while looking at our family calendar and wondering how to best balance out everything that needs doing.

In an effort to try to make my life run a little smoother, I thought I'd collect some links to free printable planner pages and share those links here with you.  Plan or die, peeps!

:: Organizing Planner from The Harmonizing House Project

This is a really nice set of downloadable free printable planner pages in PDF format.  You could print all of the pages and create a useful family planning binder.  Or start small and just print the planning pages that work for your needs.  Nicely designed with clean graphics. 

:: Daily Organizer from Raising Little Saints

This one is really colorful which is good if you - like me - need to glance at something once and find what you're looking for in a flash.  (Find the PURPLE circle, Mare! The PURPLE CIRCLE!!)
Her suggestion: print it once and then place in a heavy duty laminate page protector.  Then you can use a dry erase marker and wipe it clean every day. 

:: 31 Days of Home Management Binder Printables from Organizing Home Life

If you woke up this morning on the over-achiever side of the bed, this set of printables is for you.  If you, like me, stumbled out of bed in search of the closest cup of coffee, hot or cold, try printing one a week and see how it works for your families needs.

:: Free Printable Planners from Mommy Tracked

Three pages of several different printables that you can use - from a party planner, to a thank you note tracker, to a family calendar, to a baby schedule, plus lots more. 

:: Menu Planning Printables from Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling

If you only have time to use one new planning system for the school year, can I highly encourage you to use a menu planner?  Because if your house is like mine, dinner time is probably the craziest time in the entire history of the world

There are all sorts of people coming and going from work/school/sports/activities/meetings (most of them related to you, some of them random add-ons for the day); tempers are short, fed by the frustrations that come with the of the end of the day fatigue as well as maddeningly undecipherable math problems from one or all of your offspring's homework.  Oh, and one or the other dog usually is in some highly frenzied state of barking, worked up into an epileptic canine dither over the rival squirrel gang wars in the trees in the backyard.  Save your sanity, friend.  Commit to printing a menu planner and using it this school year. 

Those are just a sampling of ones that caught my eye via Google Images and Pinterest.  There are scads more, scads!, on ye olde interwebz.  All you need to do is search around a bit and be thankful that there are so many talented designers out there willing to share their work for free.  ;-)

Do you have a favorite free printable planner you use?  Please share a link in the comments.