7QTs || Memorable Moments Weekly Roundup (MM Edition #1)

I've been participating in 7QTs at Conversion Diary on and off for the last few years because:

1.  I like Jen's site and have read her regularly for several years.  Looking for a compelling atheist-to-Catholic story?  Look no further than the archives at Conversion Diary; and,

2.  7QTs is an easy post for my overcrowded mind. If you hadn't noticed, updating at this blog has been spotty at best in recent months years.

So given that my new outlook for this old blog is simply to write here just for the sheer enjoyment of it as well as likely the easiest (and realistically, the only) means for creating a treasure trove of ideas and links for my offspring to have from their dear old mom, I thought I'd make 7QTs post a quick roundup of memorable moments from each day from the past week.

Here goes!

#1: Sunday, August 25, 2013

My oldest played a softball double header at one of our local ball fields here in Lebanon.   Watching her play now at age twelve, after years of tball and learning the rules and mechanics of softball and working with Knute, inspires more than simple mama-pride in me.  She's a solid player with great game sense and she loves to play softball.  She hit a to-the-grass double and she also stole first base after striking out when the opposing team's catcher dropped the pitch. 

We love our athletics here at the Thomas household but it's not because we want to make our kids into scholarship athletes.  There's so many lessons we hope our kids take away from playing team sports; it's always more than just individual performance or team performance or whether you win or lose.

Both softball and baseball share one great life lesson that I hope all my kids take to heart:

Even though you will face failure and disappointment, you have the choice to quit and feel sorry for yourself or to dust yourself off and try again. 


Every at-bat, every new day - choose hope. 

#2: Monday, August 26, 2013

I stood my last lunch and recess duty at my kiddos school for the time being.

Volunteering for lunch and recess duty has always been one I have enjoyed; the kids always like seeing me during that time of day when my once a week/bi-weekly shift rolled around.  Since our parish school runs K-8th grade and our kindergarten is all day, there is a great need for hands to help the little ones at lunch.

However, it was a bit too much for me this go-round.  I had the baby (who at five months is approximately the size of a small pony; I refer to her fat rolls as "butter chops") in the front-facing baby carrier to keep my hands free to help the littles.  While she thoroughly enjoyed the free entertainment of all the kids at lunch and recess saying hi and waving to her and generally fawning all over her, I was a sweaty mess and didn't want her out in the noontime sun on a 90+ degree day. 

I'm sure I'll end up volunteering again at lunch and recess once she's older. 

#3: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I took this adorable picture of the baby while vacuuming with her on my shoulder:

I have so many great iPhone pictures of the kids.  I really need to download and organized them better for posterity's sake. 

#4: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HOT.  SO hot.  Mid 90s and chokingly humid hot.

This summer was actually very mild; we rarely went to the Y pool at all in July or August.  There were several stretches of rainy days in July and then August brought an almost two week spell of unseasonably cool weather where we had our windows open all day and night.

Of course, just as the kids head back to school where there is no AC, the heat returned with a vengeance.  And our AC at home decided to have a minor breakdown.  I (only half-jokingly) mentioned to a friend that I've been praying to Our Lady of Home Repairs lately.

#5: Thursday, August 29, 2013

I survived three pages of math homework with my 5th grader.  I am hoping that perhaps he made an error in writing down his homework for math because I don't know if I have the fortitude to endure three pages of math homework every night.

Also, my teeth were GRINDING as I read one question in his math workbook wherein it proposed:

If 1 TBSP = 3TSP, then 2 TBSP = ? TSP

For my entire life, I have worked from the premise that 1 TBSP = 4 TSP.  I even have three years of public school Home Ec backing me on this (6th -8th grade).

To say I took this question as a personal affront to my well-ingrained conversion tables is to put it mildly.

However, a quick peek at Wikipedia shows me that I have been working from an Australian conversion table, not what is commonly accepted in the US or UK.  A quick peek at the conversion table in my Betty Crocker cookbook confirms this. 

I am speechless - I have been making erroneous kitchen conversions all these years.  I stand corrected!

#6: Friday, August 30, 2013

I spent a good portion of the day with my older son (the 5th grader) seeing a pediatric pulmonologist (say that fast three times) trying to get a clearer picture of what is up with his lung function (which tested low at his last allergy & asthma doc visit).  His chest x-ray was normal which is great.  The tests used for lung function do allow for leeway because there is a learned technique to taking the test.  He's got a new RX and plans for more testing in three months; I believe this doctor was as puzzled as I am since my son was bouncing all over the room, running through the halls of the hospital, had great breath sounds, and is the picture of good health.

Friday night is our Family Fun Run night as well; all the kids ran over a mile with Knute (and the one who was at the pulmonologist ran almost two miles).  Knute and I are pleasantly surprised at how much the kids look forward to our new FFR nights and how hard they work. 

I'm sure the fact that we get Subway for dinner afterwards has nothing to do with their motivation.

#7: Saturday, August 31, 2013

Because we have dumped cable and instead bought a Roku for streaming TV, Knute has taken the kiddos up to his brother's house to watch the start of College Football.  While combining Roku with Netflix gives us more than ample TV viewing,  most games are still found on premium cable.

Upon hearing that Uncle Meatball was picking up Subway for lunch, the kids practically flew out of the house. 

And because the baby has slept so long, I actually have been able to finish this post in one sitting.  Mom FTW!


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