7 Quick Takes || Time Traveling Via Blog (More Photos)

Time for another round of 7QTs!

I host this blog on Blogger (because dude, I love FREE), and when I went to pull up the post image above for 7 Quick Takes, I opted to search "Images Files: from this blog."

After scrolling....and scrolling....and scrolling, I realized that I have a treasure trove of memories stashed in this blog, many of them photos that take me instantly back to the moment they were snapped.  It makes me feel a bit better as a mom that I have some sort of record of my children's youth given that I am an utter fail at the scrapbooking/memory booking/downloading-and-tagging my gazillion pictures from my camera and iPhone.

So without further ado (especially since the baby is stirring and I need to finish this quickly), I give you yet another photo journal edition of 7QT again this week.


This picture is my oldest, who is now just two weeks shy of 12, doing homework for first grade.  She wears her hair shorter now (shoulder length is a long as she'll go) because her curls drive her nuts. In fact, I remember battling with her every morning to brush her hair out before school when she was this age. I think I need to show her this shot to remind her of what her hair looks like when it's longer since it's been forever since she's worn it this way.  Pretty, huh?


Me and the three oldest in the gazebo at The Golden Lamb here in town on Mother's Day 2007.  I should have Knute take an updated shot of me with all four of them in the gazebo; the oldest two are just about as tall as I am now (5 ft 2 in and 5 ft 1/2 in - wow!).


My third, taken September of 2008 when Sarah Palin and John McCain came to Lebanon during their presidential campaign.  He still has that same big  you-know-what-eating grin, albeit now with glasses and a jack-o-lantern mouth full of halfway-in adult teeth.


My second, February 2010, which was the last time we had crazy huge snow around here.  We had a few feet dumped on over two big snowfalls about two weeks apart, both of which I remember shoveling us out of since Knute was traveling both times.  This kiddo couldn't have been happier as he is our resident polar bear.  


First day of school, 2011, when my (then) youngest started kindergarten.  I remember walking out of school that day and high-fiving one of my best friends as she walked her kids inside.  I was victorious!  I had survived being an at-home mom for ten years and now that all three were in school, the world was my oyster! Clearly, God had other plans (as well as a good sense of humor).


My favorite picture of the bunch.  Best. Day. EVER.

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