A Day Late, An Announcement, and Bacon Apocalypse?!?!

Yes, I've missed you, too. ;-)


It occurred to me, as I scrolled down through my blog and caught a glimpse of my copyright years, that I've been scribbling here for FIVE years now.  Five years plus one day.

Holy cow.

Anyhoo, a little searching through the archives brought me to the very.first.post I ever shared here, which of course only happened after much wringing of hands, wondering if the creeps of the world would use their nefarious GoogleMap skills to find my house, drug my two large dogs with jacked up t-bone steaks and steal my sleeping children, all of these scenarios rushing through my head while my finger tapped on my mouse, the cursor hovering over the PUBLISH button.

And of course, much wistful wondering of how long it would take before my witty, gritty, and oh-so-real posts would lead to literary agents begging me to sign a book contract.

One year?  Two?

I can report that neither outcome has happened as of yet.


For those of you who eschew "The Facebook" as much as my husband Knute does (his term for it - and no, you cannot friend him as he is even more of a gregarious introvert than I am and will never have a FB account), you may not have heard the news so allow me to enlighten you:

I'm expecting our fourth kiddo in early spring of 2013.  

We're excited! 


I've been on a social media hiatus for the last six months or so, give or take a few weeks.  There have been a number of reasons - perhaps I'll save those for another post - but it's emails like the one below, found in the first page of the inbox (#22 of 5,314 new emails!) attached to my other blog, that remind me why I needed a break from the interwebz:
I am a student reporter at the University of SOMEWHERE IN A STATE WHERE I ONCE LIVED (and there's only seven to pick from!)  writing a feature story about maximizing bacon in day to day life (how does one MAXIMIZE bacon?). While researching, I came across your bargain blog.
I am using surprising tips, ideas and suggestions that are sparked from the question "If you knew bacon was going to be obsolete in three months, what would you do to prepare and say good-bye to bacon?" to write my story. (Bacon - OBSOLETE?!  Does she have insider information that should be shared with the general public? Or would this just start Bacon-Grabbing-Riots and cause Mass Bacon Hoarding?)
Have YOU checked the meat department of your grocery store lately?  Bacon Apocalypse 2012 is coming!


It's good to be back.  ;-)