7 Quick Takes | #3 of 2012 {The Catholic Edition}

{This week, I'm sharing some of my favorite Catholic resources online - I'd love it if you'd share your favorite Catholic sites, blogs, or podcasts in the combox.  Thanks!}

1. The Catholics Next Door.  Almost two years ago, I joined a mom's bible study group (holla girls!) that had been started in my parish; one of the moms mentioned that she liked listening to Catholic podcasts when she was working around the house.  I'd had my iPhone for a few months at that point and had never once used it to listen to a podcast.  I decided to search "Catholic" on iTunes and discovered what has become one of my all-time fave podcasts to listen to while running on the track, mopping the floors, or folding laundry - The Catholics Next Door, hosted by Greg and Jennifer Willits.  If you have Sirius Radio, you can catch them daily on The Catholic Channel, 1-4 pm.

What I love about The Catholics Next Door is their honesty.  It's not easy to live an authentically Catholic life in our modern world; Greg and Jennifer don't sugarcoat their own struggles.  I can't say enough about how much they inspire me and have helped me in my own constant conversion.

2. Catholic in a Small Town.  Listening to The Catholics Next Door helped me discover one of my other fave Catholic podcasts: Catholic in a Small Town by Mac and Katharine Barron.  They are funny folks. It's a good thing I like to run my circles on the blue track at o'dark-thirty in the morning; I don't have to worry about startling too many other runners when I start laughing out loud at their stories.

I can totally appreciate their perspective as Catholics in a small southern town; Knute and I lived in Florida for two and half years and while we weren't in a small town, it was definitely an eye-opening experience to be a Catholic living in the south.  I'm so thankful that Knute and I are raising our kids in the greater Cincy/Dayton area where there's a strong history of Catholic culture, education, and values (not to mention  fish fries and festivals!).

3.  Catholic Answers.  Catholic Answers is like a podcast catechises - I learn so much from every one of their episodes.  It's a fantastic resource for anyone out there who wants to learn more about our Church teachings in an approachable way.  After listening to Catholic Answers for the past six months or so, I feel like I'm finally beginning to come into a mature understanding of my faith.

4. Word Among Us. When I joined my bible study group in 2010, I searched online for a daily Catholic devotional and discovered Word Among Us.  I usually drink my first cup (of many!) of coffee early in the morning while reading the day's meditation which is based on the daily Mass readings.  The meditations are short, inspiring, and a great way to start the day.

5.  Catholic MomThe hands down best resource online for Catholic moms.  Lisa Hendey and the team of contributing authors at Catholic Mom are wonderful.

6.  National Catholic Register.  I discovered NC Register via Jen at Conversion Diary and I've enjoyed reading the different bloggers who post at NC Register.  There are many great news articles and additional resources to be found here as well.

7.  Fallible Blogma.  Matthew Warner's personal blog - great reading and always well-linked resources if you want to chase down the rabbit trail after more info.  This recent post?  Fantastic stuff, so much so that I sent it out to my bible study email list so we could all chat about it next time.

I'd love to stumble across more great Catholic resources online - feel free to shout out your links in the combox below!

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