7 Quick Takes | #2 of 2012 {The Kindle Edition}

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1. Because "simple" really means "techy".  Every time a gift giving occasion rolls around, Knute and I pinky swear that we won't go overboard, that we'll keep our spending low and our gifts simple.  And in the past few years, some of Knute's "simple" gifts for me have included a laptop and an iPhone and now, this Christmas, a Kindle.  And what did I, his dear wifely unit, get him in return, you ask?  What every child of the 80's secretly craves: ATARI Flashback 3*.

Not only is Knute having fun playing Asteroids again, our kids are both mystified and aghast at the primitive level of gaming with which their parents had to subsist during their childhoods.

2.  Small but big. My Kindle is the basic one without ads (without special offers, in Amazon-speak).  It's lightweight, thin, and super-portable.  One of the first books I added - and actually paid for - was the New American Bible, Revised Edition 2011*.  I love having a digital copy of the bible literally at my fingertips and I'm looking forward to taking my Kindle with me to Bible study next Tuesday and leaving the big ol' print one at home.  Being able to keep large reference books handy in e-format is a huge selling point, especially if you are a student.

3.  Free books. There are tons of FREE books available in the Kindle store. I've found that the best way to search is by ratings (4 star or above) in order to weed out some of the crapola.

4.  Classics. This is by far one of my favorite things about my Kindle - the sheer number of literary classics that are available for - you guessed it - FREE.  I have a number of books loaded to my Kindle that I've wanted to read for years and never did, either because they weren't required for one of my classes or because I just didn't have time or a copy.  I love the idea that I'm now carrying around a virtual library of good books in my purse.

5.  Accountability. My daughter also received a Kindle for Christmas as a combined gift from her Gma, aunt, and uncle - it was the ONE thing she wanted more than anything.  I set her Kindle up on Christmas Eve (before I knew I was getting one) on my Amazon account so now both our Kindles are linked through my Amazon account which means I can see whatever is on her Kindle and vice versa.  It's a nice check and balance for both of us and - BONUS - she can access my books via her Archive and vice versa.  Cost effective!

6.  Library books.  Using my library card, I can borrow ten ebooks at a time from the Ohio eBook Project for two weeks at a time.  Sweet!

7.  And yet...  I will never be fully and solely a Kindle reader.  Reading a book, a real-live-paper book is a total sensory experience, from the feeling of smooth pages under your fingertips to the smell of the ink to the sheer weight of a hefty tome.  The experience of curling in a corner chair, balancing a book with one hand and a cuppa java with the other is something the Kindle, no matter how useful, can't replace.  And then there is the sense of coming home to exactly where you belong that happens when you walk into a room filled with books.  I like my Kindle, yes, but I love my books.

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*Yo.  Those are my Amazon affiliate links, just so you know.