7 Quick Takes {1st of 2012!}

1.  Christmas break was WONDERFUL.  I cannot say enough good things about how rejuvenating it was to all five of us to have a much-needed break from our regular busy schedules of school, work, sports, activities, and volunteering.  Knute, I, and the kids had a great time just hanging out together, playing on the Wii, reading books, and playing games.   I feel ready to take on 2012.

2.  Resolutions.  There were about umpteen-gazillion posts at the end of 2011 and in this first week of 2012 about resolutions - how to make them, how to keep them, personal resolutions, business resolutions, and even posts from the antiresolutionists.  Myself?  I have nothing for you.  I was too busy chillaxing the last week of 2011 to even think about all that goal setting stuff.  ;-)

3.  Wii-vil.  Yes, we finally did it.  Knute and I broke down and let Santa bring a Wii for the kiddos this Christmas.  It was their one BIG gift and it has been a huge hit. However, I am not too fond of how the Wii can bring out whiny, complaining, I'm-gonna-win-no-holds-barred behavior from my offspring.  I now see exactly what a friend once told me two years ago about her kids and their Wii: they can get mighty Wii-vil.

4.  Books, books, BOOKS!  I read a bunch over break and I'm sure I'll post about them soon.  I also received a Kindle for Christmas and I'll be posting next Friday's 7QT focused entirely on my thoughts about  it.

5.  Winter is missing.  Tuesday this week (1/3/12), it was cold as snowballs here with a high of around 21 degrees and a nice little windchill to make things more interesting.  I know just how interesting because I had lunch and recess duty on Tuesday at school and - in case you didn't realize this - Catholic schools here in Ohio are most definitely Old School when it comes to recess time.  They still send kids out for a 15-30 minute recess even when the temperatures are bitterly cold.    I was bitterly cold.  However, Tuesday has been our only very cold day so far in January.  While I type this, I can peer out my kitchen window at the green grass, the blue sky (blue sky in January in Ohio?!!), and see that the thermometer says it's about 50 degrees out.  Craziness.

6. Quiddler*.  This game is like Scrabble in card form but even more fun.  My daughter and I have played it and played it and played it. Fellow word nerds, I highly recommend it!

7.  7QT 2012.  I know I just said up there in #2 that I've made no real resolutions for 2012 so I'm contradicting myself when I make this next statement: I do resolve to post a 7QT every Friday here at W-M.  Not only do I like the quick, pithy format (kinda like Twitter), I can't say enough good stuff about the work Jen over at Conversion Diary does with her blog.  It's inspiring and funny.  Gotta love that - go check it out!

Be well in 2012!

*Disclosure: Amazon affiliate link.