Bottomless Cup

I am thoroughly  - and quite happily - addicted to caffeine.  (For those of non-caffeinated folks out there who just might feel the need to sing the praises of clean living in my combox below, go ahead.  I'd be happy to read all about the virtues of the Decaf Life while sipping my third cuppa later today.)

I know this is the caffeine talking but I don't care - a strong cup of coffee serves to not only wakes me up at o'dark-thirty in the morning or boost my energy level in the doldrums of the afternoon (!), it also bumps my optimism meter right into the red zone. Sip, sip, sip....YOU GO GIRL!

I feel almost invincible (again, fresh caffeine running through my veins while I type this super-fast) with a cup of coffee in my hands.  Anything is possible!  To Do lists are mine to conquer!  Brilliant and witty text is wrapping itself around the inside of my brain just waiting for a chance to be transcribed!

There have been times when I have willingly forgone coffee.  The first trimesters of all of my pregnancies, for example, where I not only didn't have a sip of any type of coffee but couldn't even bear the slightest smell of it, either.  But that wasn't coffee's fault; during the early part of my pregnancies, a time defined by the weeks when I squirreled away plastic shopping bags in my pockets, purse, and van for the fits of spontaneous vomiting that occurred, I couldn't bear the smell or taste of anything but Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips, Claussen's Kosher Pickles, and lemonade made without sugar.  Apparently pregnancy makes all but the sour sector of my taste buds go haywire.

If not for the endless rejection by my body of all things edible, digestible, and nutritious during early pregnancy, I would have likely had some coffee during those months.  I suppose it's good that my body knew better than my mind (and the hopped-up-on-java-monkey-on-my-back) what was off-limits during those critical months.  I would have had a hard time resisting coffee's siren call.

I've also willingly given up coffee a handful of times in my adult life during a couple of terrible stretches of insomnia.  After spending my days functioning just one or two notches up from total zombie for a week to ten days, I was willing to give up just about anything to get a good night's sleep.  But my insomnia wasn't helped by the lack of caffeine in my system; if anything, it was exacerbated by the ringing caffeine-withdrawal headaches I experienced.  The cure for those? Coffee, of course.

I have family members who have given up the bean as they've gotten older and health concerns demanded it; I know they're doing what's wise and what's prudent.  Still, I find myself hoping (fingers-crossed!) that I'll be waking up every morning in my twilight years to a steaming mug of caffeine-rich, strong-brewed French Roast java.

I should go the extra mile here and wax eloquently about different articles or studies that support my java-jolting lifestyle.  But I won't; at least, not right now -

Right now, it's time for another cup!