Write On! {Links} :: August 13, 2011

There's so much great content published online about writing and the writing life.  Here are a few links that captured my attention this week:

:: Chris Brogan shared a great four part series on Writing a Book this week: click though to read part 1, 2, 3; part 4 is yet to come.

The advice isn't earth-shatteringly new; I know that what has lacked in my writing life is discipline while what has abounded in my writing life is worry, fear, and typeA perfectionist tendencies (which feed the first two quite nicely, thankyouverymuch). 

There is one point, though, where I have to clear my throat and offer a slight difference of opinion: the issue of time

For us moms, the simple reality of being mom makes it harder to find the time/mental energy for writing anything more compelling than a grocery list, particularly during the early years.  We're the ones dealing with pregnancy, b'feeding, attached-to-mommy's-hip-like-glue syndrome. 

No, I'm not trying to start a war of the sexes; yes, there are lots of hands-on dads and more and more stay-at-home-dad's (big props to you dudes because it ain't easy - I know).

I'm just pointing out one reality that I had to accept when I had three kids in about four and a half years; my personal goal to write something big (like a book) got moved to the bottom of my priority list, somewhere beneath showering daily, sleeping for more than four hours at a stretch, and dealing with diapers, pottying, and tantrums (oh my!).

I also should point out that I am excellent at the art of creative procrastination as well as the time-sucking sport of websurfing.   I could and should manage my time better. 

That said, this is a great series written by someone who has done what he says (rather than by someone who hopes to do what he says; big difference).  What makes this series worth reading is the fact that CEB is a very, very, very busy blogger, writer, book author, consultant, and father; he's writing through all the chaos of his life and getting it done. Gotta respect that.

:: The Wordserve Water Cooler is a new group blog authored by authors who are all represented by Wordserve Literary Agency (I read and highly recommend agent Rachelle Gardner's blog).

I loved this post by Camille Eide, Peace in the Process. There is nothing more crippling than self-doubt and despair and let's face it: the road to a finished book is paved with those two dark and heavy stones.

Great reminder to stay on the road and stay in the process; keep walking forward, one word at a time.

:: Over at Copyblogger, 6 Ways to Supercharge Your Writing gave some useful ideas on how to step outside of the box when you feel like you need to refocus, reset, and reinvigorate your writing.

I really liked #4 (reading a kid's book for inspiration).  Some of my faves: The Little Prince* by Antoine de Saint Expury, Charlotte's Web* by E.B. White, or any of The Magic Tree House Series* by Mary Pope Osborne (they're fun, well-structured, and well-researched).

Did you read any great posts about writing or the writing life this week?

*Amazon affiliate links; disclosure and all that.  Thanks.