7 Quick Takes | The "7 Days of Single Parenting" Edition

This week I was flying solo around the old homestead as Knute traveled abroad* for work. Here's a brief rundown of my days:

Day 1, August 6, 2011

Say goodbye to Knute mid-day; spend the next six hours agreeing with the kids at five minute intervals that yes, I DO miss Daddy SO MUCH and yes, I can't WAIT for him to come home. Spend about ten minutes too many re-re-checking the locks on the doors and windows before I turn in for the night with my heavy duty Maglite flashlight tucked under my pillow. 

Day 2, August 7, 2011

Rustle the troops out the door to 9:00 Mass. Fight back the bitter pill of disappointment when I discover after Mass that our beloved Donut Shop is closed for the week for their annual vacation. Trek up the road to Kroger where the donut case has already been decimated by the other Lebanon locals looking for their Sunday sweets. Manage to scavenge three of the last donuts; nevermind that said donuts were smashed and the frosting was smeared. They were my donuts.

Day 3, August 8, 2011

Spend an exhilarating ten minutes getting 30 or so shots to my right leg as part of the seemingly never-ending phase three of my 2011 Varicose Vein Elimination program (circa April 2011). Hobble-racewalk through Kroger and Aldi afterwards all.by.myself and offer up prayers of thanks every time my leg burns and aches for my friend A who was watching my three kids with her own three kids.

Day 4, August 9, 2011

Spend another ten minutes getting another 30 or so shots in my left leg. Decide I don't give a flying fig what anyone thinks and boldly sport the one-legged-compression-stocking-under-jean-skirt look.  Styling.

Day 5, August 10, 2011

Drink a whole pot of coffee before 9 am. Still tired at 10 am; ignore fatigue and take the gang o' kids out and about for appointments, errands, and a late lunch with my mom. While witnessing the improv Brothers Burpathon across the table (with only a few reminders to the boys by yours truly to say, "excuse me" every.single.time), decide that lunch out everyday should be one of my retirement goals.

Day 6, August 11, 2011

Babysit my friend A's three kids all day as part of our summer mom-helping-mom plan. Spend most of the day in the backyard making sure no one does anything requiring a trip to the ER refereeing six kids under ten. Rather than collapse with exhaustion after they leave, take my kiddos out to pick up supplies for the upcoming birthday party at my house tomorrow night. As a bonus, spend another hour prepping party food and crafts then wrestle with setting up a six person tent in my basement for forty-five minutes; I emerge sweaty and swearing victorious.

Day 7, August 12, 2011

Sigh with relief that Knute is coming home and give thanks that my excursions into single-parenting life are few and far between.

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*" Traveling abroad" sounds so much more refined than "hopping through three European countries in five days or less."