7 Quick Takes | The "Halfway Through Summer Edition"

1. It's Friday, so I've got six kids under 10 at my house. A good friend of mine works 2 days a week and needed babysitting help during the summer break; since our kids all go to school together and are pretty close in age, it's worked out well. They all look forward to hanging out together playing board games, swinging outside, and just generally being buddies. Having their friends here changes the usual sibling war rivalry amongst my bunch; it's worked out swimmingly.

2. Me + young kids + crafts = instantaneous and uncontrollable spasming eye tic. I helped the kiddos (all 6) make tie dye t-shirts this morning in the backyard. Need I say more?

3. I found a great new podcast to download when I'm spinning circles on my elliptical at 6 am. I've listened to Greg and Jennifer Willits, hosts of The Catholics Next Door for a while now (love 'em!). During one of their podcasts, I discovered Catholic in a Small Town which is another great podcast by a married Catholic couple in - ta da! - a small town. As I've been a Catholic in a small town where we Catholics were rare (both in the South and in Illinois), I can relate. I'm looking forward to listening to more.

4. My bible study group (holla!) has started a new study guide: Woman of Grace: A Bible Study for Married Women.* I love my bible study group - all of us are moms, many of us still have young children, and many of us were acquaintances or friends before we began our group about two years ago. We've grown closer and the fellowship is truly amazing; I've mentioned before how much they feed my soul.

This new study guide is challenging me but in a good way. It's like a good workout; when I'm done, tired and sore and spent, I know after a bit of rest and time, I'll feel and be stronger.

5. I've been writing a bit again and it feels like it's going to stick. I have - and have always had - this vision of what my writing life should be. A small desk in a quiet corner with no windows, a mug of coffee at my side, the resounding solitude of silence. Then I remember I have three kids, three busy, active, and squabbling kids, the youngest one who still (up to about six months ago) shoved random objects up his nose just to see what would happen. Did I mention he's five-and-a-half?

I had hopes that this school year (34 days away but hey, who's counting?!) would ring in a new era for my writing career. With all three in school all day, certainly, certainly I would have that vista of uninterrupted time.

Then a funny thing happened. Last Sunday, Knute took all three kids to the pool for a good chunk of the afternoon. I had the house all.to.myself. One would think I might savor the moments and dive into wordsmithing.

I didn't.

Instead, I raced around and got all the stuff done I needed to do before Monday hit, Monday with it's two doctor appointments for our family and one doctor appointment for my friend's (see #1) family meaning we were helping each other out by swapping kids for the morning and afternoon. Instead of writing or even just thinking about writing, I raced around like a whirling dervish, doing laundry, picking up rooms, making a grocery list, and just generally doing all the craptastic tasks that needed doing before the craziness of Monday arrived.

It struck me somewhere between load two and load three of laundry, that even with my kids in school all day, life is going to happen and that as life happens, there will be an abundance of craptastic chores, errands, and paperwork that needs to be done by me.

Letting go of the vision I had of creating a perfect writing life as a mom of school aged children has been liberating.

6. I raced through Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons: A Novel*, the August read for my book club. It was my friend SSM's pick and it was such a delightful surprise. I had passed over this book many times thinking that it was a marshmallow fluff chick lit kinda novel. It's got substance and I found myself racing through the pages in the wee hours of the morning.

7. We're headed to the Dayton Air Show on Sunday. We went on Big Corporate Giant's dime a couple of years ago and LOVED it. It's an amazing show and hey, when you get first class treatment in the BGC chalet as well as a free lunch, it makes for a fantastic experience. This year, I hear there's a Lego Construction Experience Tour that will be there. My boys will be THRILLED!

Have a great weekend!

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