7 Quick Takes | The Mixed Media Edition

1. I don't know why it took me so long to try this, but I've recently started listening to podcasts on my iPhone while I'm working out. One of my faves is The Catholics Next Door - you can catch it online right here. Good stuff!

2. We've been watching Sarah Palin's Alaska all season on TLC and while I love my adopted state of Ohio, I think I'd like living in Alaska mighty fine. Beautiful!

3. The one thing I wanted for Christmas from Santa Knute, I received - the new Third Day album. It's ah-MAY-zing!

4. I had a book I was supposed to read & review for From Left to Write this week but I couldn't read it. Within four pages of the book, I had found at least a half-dozen grammatical and spelling errors, glaring ones at that. I'm not even going to touch on the quality and style of the writing. ;-) I threw the book down, marveling that it was a final run copy from the publisher. Life's too short for crappy books, peeps.

5. I started an IRL book club with some of my IRL friends here in Lebanon (like this one and this one) and our first meeting was wonderful. Coffee + bookchat + no kids - ahhhh....! No one has had a chance to read this month's book, Breaking Night, though, because we all had a houseful of kids and a calendar full of events during Christmas break. We're still meeting this month, though, which I'm looking forward to -  I may even get a chance to learn some mad knitting skillz this month, too.

6. Quick vote: the new Toyota Highlander commercials with the kid who wants his parents to buy one so they're cool - thumbs up or thumbs down? Discuss amongst yourselves in the comments.

7. I put up a vlog at my other site - the quality isn't so good because I did it in one two takes and because I'm trying to let go of my TypeA-ness in 2011. You can check it out here. ;-)

Be sure to hop through the linkup over at Conversion Diary - please say a quick prayer for Jen, too.  Sounds like she needs it. ;-)
Have a great weekend!