Wordless Wednesday | THE Reason for the Season

Huck came home from school today (St. F) after having spent an afternoon hopped up on Ring Pops, candy canes, and Capri Suns, a bevy of treats his second grade class enjoyed during their last-day-before-Christmas-break party.

After munching on some pizza at the kitchen table (fundraiser night!), he grabbed some paper and a stapler and said, "I'm going to write about Jesus."

Rather than going with the Nativity story (which seems logical given this time of year), he opted to write about Easter (his "Bible" is almost a word-for-word rendition of The Nicene Creed). 

I marvel at that kid and the quiet depths of his faith, a faith that shines through despite all the sugar plums, tinsel, and the glittering promise of Santa Claus; Huck knows THE reason for the season.

May all of you be blessed with the simple and humble gift of faith this Christmas.

{And yes, technically I'm waaay over my word limit for "Wordless Wednesday." ;-)  }

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