A Randomness of B-Words | Books, Blogging, Busyness, Backs, and - oh yes - Barf

I slept very little last night due to that messiest of B-words above; more on that in a moment.

Since my brain (b-word!) is a bit frayed and fried from lack of sleep, I'm setting this post down in bullet (b-word!) fashion. Pretty prose just isn't within my reach right now.


I picked up this book to read last night between wake ups and while I have only read a little way into it, it is SPEAKING to me.

The crux of Hamlet's Blackberry is finding that elusive thing - balance - in our hyper-connected digital world. And more than just that balance (which is a sly nymph, hard to describe and near impossible to catch), but depth in our offline lives.

If you're like me and have found yourself wanting/needing to turn away from the insta-click connectivity of online life with all its 24/7 urgency, you might like this book, too. The author does a great job with the allegory he presents in the prologue.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it.

I'm also reading this:

Very good prayerful stuff, even if I am half-asleep when I'm reading it.


Oh, yes, that.

I'm going through a big ol' "what am I doing here?" personal introspective on blogging at my other blog.

I mean, I know what I'm doing here (running my mouth) but there? Still noodling.

The net result of my noodling is blogging inertia - doing nothing. Which I think is ok to do for a while if you need to ask yourself the tough questions. Even the big dog at Problogger would agree with me, I think, based on this post I read a few days ago.


Oh, I could write odes to this. ODES.

I know my hyperconnectedness is adding to that sense of busyness as well so I'm taking steps to decrease it. I'm ignoring two of my inboxes. My Twitter and Facebook apps are getting dusty on my phone. And last Sunday, I dared myself to have a fully computer/iPhone-free day.

It was nice...except I did have to check ONE thing online about our health care savings account balance since Knute had an MRI scheduled for 7 am Monday morning. Once I knew the money for the procedure was there (it was dr ordered and we still had to foot the WHOLE bill but hey, they did give Knute 10% off for paying up front at the office; never hurts to haggle!), I shut my laptop down.

But the busyness is upon me. School and sports and volunteering (again, I could write ODES on that) and all the little things that pile up into big things. I'm also trying to minimize and organize (I'm about to pare down my closet again after being inspired by Crystal's vlog yesterday).

I keep reminding myself that NO is not a bad word. Not at all.


Knute has been dealing with a back injury since June. It wasn't anything major that caused it; he simply swung the bat at his church league softball game one night in early June and said, "Oh no."

He injured his back at the Naval Academy playing football his freshman (plebe) year and has had his back go out a few times since then. Also, he's very tall (6'4") and as I like to remind him, gravity isn't always kind to his people (mini-giants).

He's been seeing our favorite chiropractor who happens to be a dear friend from high school and also Tom's godfather; Knute literally couldn't be in better, more dedicated hands.

But the MRI yesterday showed a herniated disc. Because it's not dire, the standard course of treatment does not involve surgery which is good. But still. I just want him to be ok sooner rather than later.


--> BARF

The stomach flu or rota virus or some such nasty intestinal bug has already come a-calling on my family this school year.

First, Huck was struck by it late last week. Bless the kid, he made it to the bathroom on Thursday night before he sicked up a whole day of eating; however, he made it only as far as the bathroom sink. I'll spare you the visuals on that cleanup.

After a weekend of feeling it at both ends, Huck was back at school yesterday. Both Knute and I felt a bit sick over Sunday and Monday but managed to weather it without turning our bathroom into a bio hazard zone.

I had hopes (oh, so very silly of me!) that my OCD cleaning of the bathrooms might spare Becky and Tom from catching it but was I ever wrong. Becky called from school yesterday afternoon, telling me she was sick. On our way home, she lost it in the van. Luckily, I had thought ahead and had stashed some empty plastic bags by her seat.

Then, last night, little Tom was up six times - not puking, but the other end. Joy.

So while my sleep deprivation today isn't directly due to barf, it is definitely a side effect of the barfies that began last Thursday night with Huck.

So there you go; that little detail from the start of the post is finally explained.

Hoping this post finds you with another b-word I'm hoping for all of us soon...