Little Victories

Image courtesy of Wish-Cake

This past Friday, Becky brought in cupcakes to her class as a treat since she was Star of the Week.

Because I am frugal, I made the cupcakes rather than buying them at Kroger. (Since our school is a small parochial school, we don't have a rule favoring packaged treats v. homemade treats; I know that some schools do have such a rule these days).

The cupcakes were no big deal; I grabbed a mix and threw them together in a few minutes with Tom's help. I also had a can of frosting but I improved upon it by whipping in cream cheese, a little butter, and some extra powdered sugar. It turned out yummy and I spread a some on each cupcake.

Note I said some.

When Becky walked out of school Friday, she carried the empty tray (a re-purposed Subway catering tray and cover, to be exact).

"Mom," she said, handing me the tray, "Everyone loved the frosting."

"Really?" I replied. "Because it was homemade. I was wondering if your friends would have liked having the ones from Kroger better - you know, the ones with like four inches of frosting."

"Nope," she said, "They all said these were better. Besides, everyone thinks the store ones taste like plastic."

So there you have it - the {little} people have spoken.

Quality wins over quantity in this skirmish, one of many in the battle to fight the over-sugaring our kids.