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If you're tuned into the blogosphere (and I have to admit that I've taken a couple of months this summer to tune out from social media), you likely heard of the recent closing of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and all of the regional blogs under their banner (holla! fellow former Ohio Moms Blog writers).

One of my favorite things about the time I spent writing for Ohio Moms Blog was being part of the SV Moms Book Club. Free books and all I have to do is chat about them here? Sign me up, baby!

My sadness about the SV Moms Book Club dying off was short lived; Lindsey Krolik, the editor of the SV Moms Book Club from 2008 onward, formed a new and independent online book club, From Left to Write, to keep all of us SV Moms alums reading and writing.

From Left to Write has already chatted about quite a few books and the members in the San Francisco area have even had a fun outing to see Peter Pan on stage. There are plans in place for a BlogHer NYC meetup this weekend, too, which is almost enough to make me wish I had made plans to do BlogHer '10 this year.

(BlogHer '11, come back to the center of this fine nation - Midwest or South, just not on the coasts - and maybe I'll buy a ticket, m'kay?)

I'll be chatting about my thoughts on this month's book, The Stuff That Never Happened, on August 11th.

And if you'd like to be part of From Left to Write (free books!), you can join by applying here.