From Left to Write Book Club | Capturing a Life in Words: If You Knew Suzy by Katherine Rosman

Back in July, the From Left to Write Book Club posted their thoughts about If You Knew Suzy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Reporter's Notebook by Katherine Rosman*. I was a little too late to get a publisher copy but the book sounded so good that I splurged and ordered a copy from Amazon.

I didn't make the deadline for the call for posts (you can read the reactions from other From Left to Write Book Club members here) but I still wanted to share my two cents.

After her mother's death (a long, and hard-fought battle with cancer), Katherine Rosman reached out to her mother's friends, co-workers, colleagues - anyone who knew her mother who had a story to share about her.  The result was this book - those stories interwoven with the author's own stories about her mother, about their relationship, and about facing death.

Reading this book - all the different facets of her mother's life that Katherine Rosman discovered and collected for herself and her own daughter - I couldn't help but think about blogging, about all of us out here connected by our words and stories, all of us capturing and sharing bits and pieces of our lives. 

Most people who keep a personal blog will never be BlogStars.  They aren't in it don't make gobs of cash.  And many bloggers don't even blog under their own name, preferring anonymity as they blog quietly for years. 

And yet we continue.  Why?

To speak and be heard, to tell our stories - both the good and the sad, to grab and keep in one place the fleeting moments of our lives in words and pictures; we are all driven by some combination of all of these.

It's a good read.  And if you're a writer or a blogger, I think you'll appreciate it all the more.

*My personal Amazon affliate link, just so you know.  ;-)