The BlogHer $100 Question | Please Won't You Be My Neighbor? {...or maybe not!}

$100 Question Promo Graphic I've moved a lot in my adult life (6 times in 11 years to be exact).

Moving as frequently as we did means that Knute and I updated our Post Modern Cardboard Box Motif home decor every couple of years; it also meant - for better or for worse - meeting new neighbors.

I'd like to tell you that all of those neighbors were just as neighborly as good ol' Fred Rogers himself but I'd be lying.

Liar-liar-pants-on-fire lying.

Some of past neighbors have been fantastic, truly wonderful people who we were happy to count as friends. Some, however, were simply - to quote my dear friend Shannon's fave phrase - utter whackadoodles*.

Even if you haven't moved as much as I have, I'm sure you have neighborly tales of your own - maybe endearing.  Maybe eye-popping.

Feeling daring enough to share those stories?

Click here and answer The BlogHer $100 Question today (about what else? Neighbors!). It's hosted by yours truly (I'm hoping they pulled a recent profile picture of me but hey, I'm not picky); you might just be the lucky commenter who wins $100!

Good luck...with the contest and with your neighbors!

*This would be where I might normally tell you one of those whackadoodle stories but I'm going to have to disappoint you, peeps. I blog under my real name (google me at will!) and this subject falls into my personal Don't-Go-There category. Some of those folks weren't just pains in my fine ass; they gave me the heebies.