7 Quick Takes {The Vacation Anticipation Edition}

I'm writing this on Saturday night; on Sunday, we leave for our first ever family vacation. We'll be back just before this publishes so I plan on adding some afterthoughts in italics.

1. I should be sleeping. We're getting up for 7 am Mass, I still have to pack the food, and we hosted a family event here today which meant oodles to do for me. I need some rest and yet here I am, typing away.

2. I should be writing. If I can be this dedicated to scheduling my blog posts in advance, surely I can dedicate myself to writing.

3. Dear God, Please spare me from timeouts during the next four days. Amen. I want to enjoy our vacation and spend some time relaxing without sibling quarrels or mini-meltdowns.

4. I'm looking forward to walking on a beach again. I grew up near the water and then married a Navy man who I followed from port to port. Beaches were a part of my life for the first 25 years or so but it's been over ten years since I've felt waves break over my toes.

5. I hope the kids don't get bored. I'm actually hopeful that this won't happen - they're so excited about the chance to build sandcastles and the thrill of traveling.

6. I hope Knute and I get time to just talk. You know, talk - that crazy thing people who love each other occasionally do? We talk now, don't get me wrong, but we are constantly dealing with little ears listening and little voices interrupting. I have visions of laughing over beers on the screened-in porch late after the kids are in bed.

7. I hope nothing crazy happens. You know you're a parent when you google "Local Hospitals" as you finalize your vacation plans. Let's hope I don't get to tour any distant ERs.