7 Quick Takes {The Is-Summer-Over-Yet? Edition}

1. It's hot here in Ohio. HOT!

For a few (that's more than two, peeps - how many exactly, I'm not sure) days here in my corner of SW Ohio, we've been under a heat advisory from 12-8 pm. The combination of scorching August heat plus the choking humidity have pushed the heat index close to 110.

I find myself dreaming of these snowbanks --- cold cold snow, I miss you so.

2. Slacktastic!

I've been slacking like nobody's business this summer. Blogging, schmogging. Twitter? Facebook? Whatevs.

When I was chatting with my friend Amy last weekend, I told her I was in a social media funk. And it's true; I am.

Is it just me, or it all just endlessly THERE? And endlessly OVERWHELMING?!

3. I crave my alarm clock's 5 am bleating.

Yes, that's right, I'm in love with my early morning time. I've been getting up early most of the summer and walking Brownie for a couple of miles. It's dark and cool and - here's the biggie - blessedly QUIET.

Of course, I'm hitting the fatigue wall by 1:00 but that's why God created coffee.

4. The Go-Go's are on autoplay in my head.

Because we are going on vacation on Sunday! Woot! It's all I ever wanted! Had to get awaaaay!

5. And, on a tangential note, what is UP with all the 80's fashion comebacks?!

Not that I mind it from a fashion standpoint because let's face it: Silly Bandz are just an evolved version of the jelly bracelets I wore in sixth grade. And notice the leggings-under-tunic trend that has returned? I've yet to see uber-teased hair that defies gravity but you know it's just around the corner.

All that being said, the return of all the styles of my youth is making me feel OLD. When the 90's becomes retro, I'm going to need therapy. Or a beer.

6. And another tangent: no one would ask me to be a hand model a la George Castanza.

And no, I didn't burn my hand on an iron. {Insert giggle} That would require actual ironing! Isn't that what dryers are for???

I was giving Becky a little manicure tonight and I couldn't help but look from her hands (young, almost 9 years old, and a stranger to hard physical work) to mine (strong, rougher, and bearing the signature look of all the women in my family - bulging veins) and realizing that I can't fight it. Getting older is coming my way whether I like it or not.

7. The first day of school for Becky and Huck is in 13 days.

But who's counting? ;-)


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