Summer Morning

I'ts 6:34 am.

The house is quiet, mostly.  I just heard the thumping sound of Huck's big feet as he ran from the bathroom back to bed.

Knute is gone off to another day of slaying numbers at Big Giant Corporation; I have already walked the dog for a mile in the sticky, buggy humidity that hangs over our neighborhood on the hill, eaten my Cheerios (the straight-up, no sugar kind) and gulped down the second cup of coffee while hopping through my Google Reader.

I love mornings.

I'm not always this go-get-'em; in fact, this summer, I made it my goal to to re-set my normal night owl routine of blogging, emailing, and over planning (usually with a healthy dose of over-worrying mixed in) until the wee hours of the morning.  Some things have fallen to the wayside as a result.




Commenting on all my dear friends posts around the blogosphere. I'm guilty of being a Lurky Lou all summer. 

And while I miss the pulse of social media, the insta-connection with all my far-flung friends, it's been good to step back a bit from the laptop and all the fun apps on my iPhone.   I've been too busy with these peeps:

Becky at Me & My Gal Camp at the end of June - we had so much fun,
we're going on another mom and daughter campout this weekend.

Tom, diving into the pool at the end of swim lessons last week.  He had the biggest,
proudest grin on his face when he climbed out of the pool.

Huck, just before hollering, "CANNONBALL!!!

It's been a good summer. 

I hope yours is going well, too.