Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT

It's funny the things we take for granted in our ever-so-modern-and-comfy world.

Sliced bread.

Hot showers.

And one of my personal faves during the peak of summer....

Air conditioning.

Last week, we had some bee-YOU-ti-ful weather here in my corner of SW Ohio.  Temperatures topped out at about 78ish for the high and dropped down to a chilly 56ish or so at night.  I ran around the house, opening windows, and set the AC to OFF.

By Saturday, however, the summer heat was back.  Of course it was back; Saturday was the night for our town's firework show, meaning by the rule of Murphy's Law, the weather was bound to be hot, muggy, and buggy.

I wasn't too concerned, however; with slushies, cotton candy, and pyrotechnics on our calendar for the night, a hot night seemed just right.  I flipped the AC back on Saturday afternoon, packed up our gear, and headed out to our church's front lawn for the best seats in town.

When the kids and I got back that night (Knute was helping run the concessions and still had clean up duty) the house was hot.

Really HOT.

The AC?


It's fixed now, thanks to our Home Owner's Warranty, but it did take two days because not only did I call in the repair request on a Sunday, that Sunday happened to be July 4th as well.

And it was a very sweaty and sticky July 4th at our house.

Did I ever mention that last July 4th, our sump pump failed and nearly flooded our basement?

What are the odds?

I'm hoping that July 4, 2011, doesn't end up being three times a charm.