Be On Guard {Plus - BONUS! - a Mass Apology}

One of the best parts of my life is right here at my fingertips - being able to tippity-tap my way to any bit of information I need via Google as well as being able to share my thoughts, ideas, words and images with you fine folk.

One link I've been clicking into faithfully (hold the phone; there's a pun coming) is Word Among Us, a Catholic devotional site with a meditation based on the Gospel from the daily Mass.

The bits of Gospel are short but the meditations are well-written, thought-provoking, and reminders (to me) that God has his purpose and reasons for all the parts of my life, even the dirty laundry (both the literal and metaphorical types) parts.

Today, the bit of Gospel was brief: "Be on your guard" (read the whole meditation here) and I am taking those words to heart as this summer begins. I want and need to be on guard against all the ways I waste my time, from social media to surfing to obsessing over things I cannot change like the housing market or the fact that mothering two sons makes cleaning the bathrooms a near daily necessity. (Aim, my boys, for the love of your mother, AIM!)

But that whole social media thing has become a sprawling one for me; I am over-extended in cyberworld and I need to prune the branches of my online life to a more realistic and manageable size.

Take, for instance, my email accounts. A quick tally as I type this yields at least (5) different accounts, three of which I haven't opened for weeks months.

{----Stand by for BIG FAT APOLOGY in 3....2....1!}

One of those email accounts is the one attached to this blog.

{Sighing deeply as I hang my head in bloggy shame.}

So dear readers, if you have emailed me in the last four or five months to marianne (at), please please PLEASE accept my apologies; I will be cleaning that inbox out and catching up to all of your inquiries soon.

And I will begin pruning my branches as I set my boundaries and guard against those things that quickly and stealthily drain my creative well.