Me and My Big Mouth

There are times when I think it would be great to have a real life DELETE button attached to my mouth so that when I am fired up and say something in a moment of pique, something that doesn't come out quite right, I could simply hit DELETE and substitute a nicer verb or a better (kinder, more sensitive) turn of phrase than the one I just uttered.

My quick wit is a blessing most of the time - it's gotten me out of trouble (don't ask because I'm not telling) and has eased the tempers of those around me when I've found myself in the middle of a conversation gone bad.

But the rush to speak before I think has been a problem of mine my whole life, one which got me more than a few moments of trouble when I was younger and one that still leaves me foundering as I realize OOPS! I did it again.

OOPS! Talked about money in a social situation which is bad enough but in this economy, it's like lobbing a grenade into the room.

OOPS! Mentioned a time long ago when I sat through a creative writing class at Maryland (one semester, peeps; all I could stomach) and could have used a better verb to describe how reading so much bad writing made me feel.

OOPS! Dropped the f-bomb in casual conversation with someone who doesn't know me well enough to realize that yes, I do know how to cuss like a sailor, and no, I don't talk like that around my kids or anyone else's.

Which is why this blog is so refreshing -- I can blabber on, talking about this and that, occasionally letting my temper flare and my mouthy Irish self to shine through while you can choose to read or not, clicking away when I've irritated or shocked or bored you long enough.

But if we met in person?

Well, I hope you'd understand why I'm a bit quiet at first. It's not you - you're lovely and fun. And it's not really me - I'm normally much more animated and loud and funny.

It's just the the only way I've learned after all these years to keep my big mouth from making a bad first impression.

Do you have those OOPS! moments, too?