I discovered Big Bang Theory last summer as CBS played reruns of it's first season. I spent a good part of late July kicking myself in the keister for not having discovered it sooner because peeps?


Sheldon and all his oddball eccentricities make the show; the moments when Sheldon says, "Bazinga!" rank as some of the best (like this scene from the ball pit - oh my aching ribs!).

The other night, I made a new recipe for dinner, one that involved several vegetables that all three of my kiddos would never eat if they acquired a visual lock of said vegetables on their plates.

The recipe, however, allowed for me to be ever so sneaky; the verbotten vegetables were well-hidden from view. What looked like a normal cheese pizza to their young eyes was actually a veggie-bomb of healthy goodness.

And peeps?

They ate all of it.

Devoured and demolished it, to be specific. Becky chatted with me while she chomped hers down, telling me it was really good and kinda reminded her of enchiladas.

I nodded, wiping my mouth with a napkin, and stifled the urge to shout -


Don't you just love those little moments of parental victory?!

I sure do!