Retreat and Recharge

Last week, from about Tuesday on, I spent very little time online and almost zero time blogging. I moderated a few comments and clicked through my reader but that was about it.

And it was so wonderfully nice to be *almost* unplugged.

I've been blogging here almost three years and while I love blogging (and intend to keep blogging), there is a certain irony to my situation. I started this blog because I wanted to -I NEEDED to - write. I hoped to write here daily, or at least somewhat consistently each week. I figured that blogging would help me keep my writing skills honed far better than simple journaling where the only audience I wrote for was myself.

I'd put aside my fiction writing dreams for a bit; somewhere between kid #2 and kid #3, trying to find time to write and trying to find time to sleep became equally competitive tasks.

Sleep - what little I got/get - won.

So blogging, with my personal just-sit-down-and-type-about-life-while-the-kids-color-the-couch-with-Sharpies laissez-faire approach, has been wonderful for the writer in me. I may not be topping the charts of the NY Times Bestseller list, but dammit, I am writing something.

And I'm writing something that matters to me, and hopefully one day, to my three kiddos as well. I hope they see that Mom wasn't just the enforker* enforcer; I hope they see that my mothering of them was more than just the doing of tasks.

I hope they read and see the me behind the Mom.

But I digress - as I do so well - from my original point.

Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for writing but blogging isn't just about writing. There is site design and maintenance and connecting via social media and contributing to building blogging communities. There are issues of (not really here but at my other blog) advertising and PR emails and FTC rules.

Writing is what I love best about blogging (hence my lack of updates to this site design) but it is what I find the least amount of time to do.

And writing fiction, my first choice? My dream job?

Zero time.

Blog writing and fiction writing are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. One is published instantly; the other, if you're good enough and lucky enough...maybe...someday...far into the future. Certainly much farther in the future than the ten seconds or so it take to hit PUBLISH POST at the bottom of your blogging dashboard.

Blog writing begets conversation, comments, and community; fiction writing is a lonely endeavor, populated only with the people in your stories, a nagging worry of failing, and long stretches by yourself at a desk in a quiet corner.

It's a hard task, finding a way to balance both.

But after my week or so off from this uber-clicky world, I am determined to try.

And - bonus! - the little blog post idea factory in the back of my brain kept chugging along all last week; I've got oodles of posts set to write, all of them likely to be brilliantly funny or touching or both.

Now, because this is a conversational world, a question for you:

Do you find creative writing and blogging to be at opposition to each other?

Comment, chat, talk amongst yourselves. I'd love to hear what you think.

*That one's for you, Deb. Miss you.