{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday | In Jokes

I took one look at the art project that Huck brought home from school a few weeks ago and cracked up. Then I took it and did this:

And left it in the dark, taped to the door that leads from our garage to our house, the tiny flashlight in the paper leprechaun's hand left on, just before Knute came home from work.


Well, there's this movie, which is more goofy-campy than scary:

And then, of course, there's these guys, making fun of that movie, something that Knute and I never fail to do ourselves when we find ourselves using flashlights during a power outage; the kiddos don't have a clue what we're laughing about but we sure crack ourselves up:

As I always tell Becky, marrying someone with a good sense of humor means you'll have a life filled with laughter...and random practical jokes. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Knute laughed his you know what off when he found it. ;-)

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