I've Never Seen ANYTHING like THAT Before!

Last Friday, I was tossing some clothes on Tom before racing out the door to get the big kids to school.

"Mommy," he said, pointing to his knee, "I'm ITCHY."

I turned his leg and sure enough, there on the back of his knee, he had what looked like a small patch of bumpy rash.

"Don't scratch it," I told him, helping him with his pants. "It will only feel worse."

I ran through the potential causes in my head; allergic reaction (not likely), poison ivy or some such (not exposed), excema (Huck had this through infancy up to preschool and grew out of it but Tom has never before presented with sypmtoms).

Which left me with one last cause: weird rash-inducing virus.

I figured it would run it's course naturally and we got on with our day.


By Sunday, the rash had begun to spread, appearing mostly on Tom's hands, feet, and - poor kid - behind. It was a bunch of flat spots at that point but they apparently were the itchiest spots in the history of childhood. Or so I surmise after listening to Tom complaining and kvetching ever so loudly on the way home from church.

By Monday, those flat spots were bumps, and had spread up his arms and legs. A few popped up on his face (nothing in his mouth, though, so there went my Google MD diagnosis of Foot & Mouth disease) and they were nasty looking. That the kid was itchy and miserable was undeniable. And his poor little behind looked like raw hamburger.

So I took him in to see the doc on Tuesday. His rash was worse yet, peaking. It hadn't spread any further (expcept for the new ones on his earlobes - fun!) but the initial bumps on his outer extremeties had become flat blisters.

It looked like a biblical plague had been called down upon him.

Despite his mini-Job appearance, Tom was chipper through all of this, mad even when I wouldn't let him play outside. He ate like a horse and drank like one, too, so I knew the rash was the final phase of whatever weird virus that had decided to throw an infection party in his house.

And weird virus it was indeed.

We spent about two hours at the doc on Tuesday. Everyone in the office - doc, nurses, PA, med students - got a good gander at Tom's rash because DUDE! They'd never seen ANYTHING like THAT before!

After much searching (they were a-Googlin' themselves) and poring over medical textbooks, the best guess (and that's exactly what my pediatrician said - guess - because she's one honest and kick-ass doctor) was that Tom had a version of Gianetti Crosti Syndrome.

It would run it's course and be gone within a couple of weeks.


Tuesday turned out to be the peak day; Tom is steadily improving and the rash is beginning to subside. Now we just have to deal with the last freaky phase - shedding his rashy skin like a lizard.

Oh how I love being different!