Finally....New Design Options on Blogger

Although I have used/still use Wordpress for blogging (for my own blogs as well as for blogs to which I contribute), I've stayed here on Blogger for one key reason:

I'm cheap frugal.

Sure, I could run my blogs on and pay a bit more to alter my designs, host my own domain, etc. But to maximize the full brilliance of Wordpress, you really need to host your powered blog on paid hosting servers.

And that, my friends, the $$ per month I would need to pay for hosting, is what has kept me here on Blogger (where you pay $0 for hosting) for so long.

But that frugalness has come at a cost: design options on have never been as whiz-bang as what you can do with Wordpress. For both this blog and my other blog, I've used templates that I've found for free online, uploading the XML, tweaking the code, and adding my own graphics to make my sites look the way I want.

But now Blogger has finally stepped up to offer more design options right from your Blogger Dashboard. Couple the new designs with the recently added Pages option (you can now build stand-alone pages that will show up in a navbar, ie: Home, About, Contact, etc, rather than coding one yourself), and staying put with Blogger is looking better and better to me.

And of course, it's still free. ;-)

If you're on Blogger and want to try out the new design options, simply go to Blogger Draft and start clicking around.

I like what I've seen so far, so much so that I'm redesigning this site. I've got most of the work done on my test blog. What, you don't have a test blog? Always, ALWAYS, make a test blog that you mark PRIVATE so only you can view it to use for trying out new design options; this way, you can get things just right before rolling it out on your real blog.

I'll be finishing up my new site design and rolling it out soon. I'm going for clean and green (my fave color, surprise!) and I hope it will be a bit easier on the eyes.

Have you tried the new options at Blogger Draft yet? Like it? No? I'd love to hear what you think.