Easter 2010

There was much fun around our house yesterday; we hosted Easter dinner for a bunch of our local Mouthy Irish Family members and had a blast.

Just a few photos from the weekend as I'm so tired that forming words into pretty sentences is too much work for my ham-addled brain.

Our Easter Eggs (preserved quickly in photos before they were eaten):

This one was a self-portrait done by Huck:

Little Tom, working on his letters:

And this, my favorite, that Becky made ever so carefully:

We took all three kiddos to Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday night, a first for us as a family. It was beautiful, as always, and the talented voices of our choir did a fine job of drowing out little Tom's snoring. Thank goodness we were in the last row of pews.

And thank goodness for our Easter blessings:

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter as well!