Book Review: Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? by Laura Bennett

One of the better parts of blogging for me is chance encounters via online life with people I would never meet in my normal, small-town, Midwesterern middle class life.

Sheesh - that last sentence makes my life sound so boring.  Even I'm yawning. I assure you, there is great excitement afoot around here most days. In fact, I'm always on my toes for a random, unexpected mooning from one of my sons as they race to the bathroom two seconds too late for an urgent potty call. On extra-thrilling days, those moonings happen in public at places like the Y pool or at the homes of other families whose children aren't quite as uninhibited as mine.

Life with my boys is always an adventure.

But it's not quite the adventure that life with five (!) boys is, nor does our life happen in the middle of Manhattan. And I have yet to star on a reality TV show that requires me to design and create my own brand of fashions for which I am ever so thankful as the best I could do would be a hot line of Spring 2010 Pipe Cleaner Capris. Surely the buyers at Old Navy would like those, hmmm??

Laura Bennett's life as a mom is far different than mine (twice as many kids, way more tiny testoterone-driven little dudes, a penchant for Manolo heels - a habit I'm sure I'd have, too, should my wardrobe budget increase in a directly inverse proportion to my long list of household chores, and then there's that whole Project Runway stardom thingie) but her book, Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilletos still made me laugh out loud and holler YES! (in that quiet, hooting to myself at one in the morning when I stayed up late to read it - you do that too, right? RIGHT?!). 

This book is FUNNY.  And while our lives are vastly different and while my chances of making it to NYC to enjoy a glass of wine with Laura after her recent booksigning were zilch-O given that the Thomas Family Corporate Jet currently exists only in the paper airplane design stage, I think we'd get along just fine if we ever met.  There's something refreshing about reading another mom's take on modern motherhood without having to crunch through the brightly colored sugarcoating layered over the not-so-fun realities and hard moments of truth we all have to face.

Thanks for having your publicist (or was it your agent?  or editor?  I have no clue about these things but feel free to tell any/all of them that I'm available to write their next best seller) send me the book, Laura.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I passed it along to my friend Lynn who will hopefully get a good laugh in the wee hours of the night out of it, too.