After treating myself to an hour or so getting lost watching Lost last night, I sat down with my computer and started working my way through the mail in my overflowing inboxes.

Rather than deleting endless and meaningless emails, it might have been easier to just delete my accounts and start over again. Spam, be gone! Seriously, after a solid hour of inbox tending, I quit for the night, tired of the tediousness.

While I'm usually pretty good at keeping up with my email, I fell off the wagon in February. Too much snow, too much husband traveling, too many Girl Scout cookie issues, too little time; for whatever reason, my good interwebz habits have slipped and faltered.

I've barely been on Twitter.

I haven't checked my Facebook page in weeks days.

I have a nice little blog I started here that's withering on the vine; this is probably a not-so-good omen for my gardening plans in 2010.

And while I'm blogging here and here, both are more self-serving than anything else. The math geek in me loves saving money and the word geek in me needs a place where I can run my mouth. That you fine people show up to read either (or both, God love ya), is just the cherry on top; I'm wired for writing, audience or no audience.

And writing has been much on my mind.

Big writing. Audacious writing. Throw caution to the wind and flip the world the metaphorical double eagle writing.

I always hoped and prayed I might have that kind of writing in me but I'm having a hard time finding it.

There is that blogging thing.

And random tweets about #Lost or the #Olympics.

And (on very rare occasions) visits to Facebook (and NO, I will never ever ever join your Mafia War or become a resident of Farmville so please don't ask).

And then there is the endless glut of emails in my inbox, most of them junk but a few necessary and important, thus requiring me to wade through the crap spam with a blowtorch delete button.

I love being so connected online...and I hate being so connected online.

Crazy-big writing isn't going to happen when I've got five task windows open, urgent (but truly not urgent) emails popping up like gophers, blog posts to write, and a case of internet induced ADHD.

What I need to do is simple but hard: set goals, set boundaries, and then set my rear down in a chair to just write every.damn.day.

I'll let you know how it goes.

After I finish firebombing cleaning out my inboxes.