I Blog Because {...}

I have a Google Reader chock full of good posts that I don't always get around to reading; like my friend Briana and I talked about as we drove up with the some of the Ohio gang to BlogHer last summer, as bloggers we often find ourselves wearing the hat of producers rather than consumers.

My time is short and it's not often I get to clean out my reader but today was sunshiney {Oh, glorious SUN!} and I had the perfect coincidence of events: spare time to wash my van plus no four year old boy in said van, ready to hit the big red FREAK OUT button when I pulled into the car wash bay.

As I sat waiting my turn and listening with half an ear to Becky's chatter (we spent HOURS together this weekend selling Girl Scout cookies on Saturday and Sunday and I was chatted out), I took advantage of the time to scroll through my reader where I found this great nugget:

My Love of Blogging

If you don't read Chris Brogan, start now.

Go on, click over and read that piece than head back here. I'll wait. ;-)

This blogging gig is hard to explain to those on the outside of the blogosphere looking in (or to those too busy watching the wind blow, never even noticing we're here). For most of us, it isn't even a paying gig, making it that much trickier to put the why we do it into words.

I honestly think everyone (and yes, Dad, I'm looking at you) should blog. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a passion. Everyone has something about which they know more, sometimes much more, than the average person.

Blog because you want to leave a legacy of words behind when you die. Blog because you want to keep your sanity when the kids have driven you to the very edge of your last nerve. Blog your way through pain, finding therapy and community in the process. Blog because you want to help people.

Blog because you can.

Isn't it thrilling/empowering/revolutionary/humbling to think how the world might change, to imagine what might happen when we all have a voice?

Thanks for listening to mine.

Now go get blogging already, k?