For Those of You Who LOVE Free Books {Like Yours Truly}

I review for BookSneeze

I don't often share freebies or deals with you fine (and blessedly loyal) readers here; I have this blog where I share my deep love of coupons to satisfy that passion.

But this particular freebie might be one that would appeal to you wordy folk; there's no affiliate link involved in this, by the way. I just wanted to point you to their site in case you're interested.

If you like reading {um, YEAH} and like chatting about books {um, TOTALLY} and you don't mind blogging your review of a book, you can sign up for Book Sneeze. As long as you agree to review the books on your blog as well as write a 200 word review on a consumer webiste, you're in like flynn.

Right now, I'm reading A Century Turns by William Bennett. I'm not ready to review it yet {not quite done} but I am enjoying it, especially since it deals with recent history and events that I very well remember watching on TV and reading about in the newspapers.

Ok - so to sum up: sign up for Book Sneeze; read free books; talk about said free book honestly on your site and at a consumer site; rinse, wash, repeat.

Sound good?

I thought so. ;-)