Five Things in Five Minutes

I always sometimes overthink what I'm writing here, spending too much time worrying over this word of that.

This tendency to obsess over carefully weigh each phrase infects all my writing. It's crippling, yo.

So as I bark orders gently remind my kiddos that we need to be out the door in ten minutes this morning, I'm writing this post super quick to force myself to just let go and write.

1. Spring is so close, you can taste it.

Oh my, I've seen blue skies and sunshine for three days in a row and there are buds on the trees and daffodils pushing up from the ground. I love feeling reborn and new each spring.

2. I scribbled down yet another book idea late last night as I was getting ready for bed.

Dear Lord, woman, exactly when are you going to harness your internet-addled brain and actually FINISH one of those ideas? Or so I ask myself.

3. Finding my two boys playing quietly this morning when I came down instantly set my Mom Radar on high.

It was on the mark, too. Did you know it's nearly impossible to get blue marker off a metal vent register?

4. I'm off to a group bible study and feeling nervous.

I did the work, read the readings and answered the questions, but I always feel like I'm just not Catholic enough when it comes to this stuff.

5. For the first time in years, I'm going to try to do our taxes myself.

We've used a CPA for several years now but I used to do our (and my own, when I was single) taxes back in the day. I've spent so much time looking for answers as to how I should claim my (wee) blogging income and review items that I feel like I ought to just do them myself. Expect to see me slightly frazzled and red-eyed by the end of the week.

Well, that was a bit more than five minutes, but it was real and raw which is good. Writing should be that way the first time on the page.

Have a great (and hopefully, sunshiney) day!