Conversation Here and in Real Life

So I may have mentioned a while back that I unknowingly {and thrillingly} stumbled upon a couple of moms in my circle of church/school life who also blog here and here.

While I have a good network of blogging friends spread around the greater Cincy/Dayton area and points beyond, too, there is something special about having friends in your day-to-day life who also write personal blogs.

Blogging, at it's best, is a form of conversation: I muse, ponder, and write; you (blessedly) comment. Although I will be the first to admit that I am often guilty of simply talking to myself rather than replying to your comments, I think that has more to do with the general reason behind why I blog here - I work through things and process them by putting it down in words.

Now, knowing other bloggers I see in the parking lot at school, moms with whom I was already connected by our children, our parish, our volunteering and our community, our conversation is better. There's more honesty. There's an unspoken acknowledgement that what we do here in sharing our ideas, thoughts, and stumbles takes a certain amount of bravery; trolls - those fine folks who have yet to grasp that flaming out on me in the comment section under "Anonymous" means nothing when I can run an IP lookup on their ass - lurk around every corner of this vast webby wilderness.

And then there's all the people you hold near and dear reading your blog as well and all the writing block neuroses that can create. Hi Mom and Dad and assorted family and friends! It's ok to comment once in a while; I won't throw you in the DELETE pile with the trolls, I promise.

It's been such a small but meaningful pleasure to have discovered those hidden mom bloggers - hidden to me, I guess, if not to the world. It makes me think we need a new bumper sticker for our oversized minivans and SUVs so we can find each other as we race our kids from here to there and home again.


Then again, maybe not.

It might bring on a wicked case of road rage by a frustrated troll!