In the Company of Friends

Some of my best thinking time is when I'm behind the wheel, zipping around town in my van with the kids in the back seat. Granted, there are times when they are chattier than than a pond full of ducks, but there are also quiet times, too.

And when it is quiet, my mind meanders.

Driving to school pick-up yesterday, the van was silent. After more than two weeks of keeping up with the big kids over Christmas break, little Tom was tuckered out. He fell asleep within minutes of being buckled into his new big boy booster seat.

As I mentally hopped and skipped over the busy January schedule, I happily remembered that I get to hang out with some of my fave girls next week.

It's a tough thing to explain to people outside of the blogosphere, these friendships I have that began with comments on posts or funny tweets or the generosity of linkage. The things that make blogging so real go against the very stranger danger rules we teach our kids about life online - don't give out personal information, don't reveal your real name or location, and don't EVER agree to meet someone in person (like at a Target or something).

All I know is this: my blogging friends who once were just head shot avatars on Twitter so long ago are now some of the best real life friends I've ever had.

We share a common bond in our love and use of social media and understand all the trials and triumphs that come with blogging. We share the highs and lows of motherhood and life. We share laughs and tears.

I think back to when I first dipped my toe into blogging in fall of 2007 and the nervous quiver in my belly when I hit PUBLISH for the first time.

If only I had known how much fun this blogging gig is, if only I had had an inkling of just how much goodness there is in our online community - I would have dove into this wild webby world much sooner.

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