A Book for Every Writer Who Ever Thought About Faking It

I know I've done it.

I've thought, "I could totally write fluffy and sellable crap."

I tried once. I even got a heart-thumping, "Please submit your full manuscript for our consideration" letter in reply to my query. Note that the "full manuscript" didn't exist and never came to fruition because, peeps?

I'm no good at faking it when it comes to writing.

But I've wondered. I've skimmed the best seller list from time to time on Sunday mornings, gagging a bit as I see some of the recent winners of the publishing lottery. Occasionally, there are notable titles, books that have depth and meaning and resonance.

Usually, though, the list is full of fluffy and sellable crap.

If you haven't stumbled across How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely, go find a copy.

Then grab your caffeine infusion of choice and get settled in for the night. This book will grab you and keep you racing to the end. It's good, it's damn funny, and in the end, it's true.

Which, my dear friends, is what good writing should be.

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